About School

Sanskar International School is an educational institute with world class facilities for Boarding & Day Boarding students. The school is English Medium & Co-Educational. The School is situated on Bhopal-Bhadbhada-Sehore road at Bilkisganj at a short distance of 20km from Bhopal. To provide quality education of world class standard, the school has a team of educationist to guide & a team of well experienced & trained teachers.

The Vision:

To impart knowledge based on practical ideas, approaches and sound cultural values. To develop the total personality of the students through academic environment. To create confidence among students to enable them to become a proud Indian. To enable students to participate effectively in competitions.

“Knowledge is the power”

The torch represents light and symbolizes selfless service. The book gives message of knowledge. In the same way the school stands for divinity & purity. Education with the help of books spreads light of knowledge and wisdom. The open book also symbolizes and open mind to adipt to new ideas.


Our Focus:


The focus of the school is to develop the child in-
Mental Aspects
Physical Aspects
Emotional Aspects
Social Aspects

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